We are passionate in our pursuit to serve humanity through impactful consulting services and strategic advice

Our practice areas:

Development Consulting:

From project inception to implementation, we offer end-to- end development consulting services. Whether you're a government agency, a development financial institution, a non-profit organization, or a private enterprise, we guide you through the complexities of development initiatives with strategic insight and practical expertise.

NGO & Humanitarian Consulting:

Our dedicated team specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services tailored to the unique needs of NGOs and Humanitarian Organizations. From organizational structure and capacity building to fundraising strategies and program evaluation, we collaborate with these organizations to amplify their impact.

1: Economic and Social Transformation

BrainTec offers innovative solutions conducive to universal values of peace, human dignity, gender equality, non-violence and non- discrimination. Under this service we provide;


We are passionate about helping the underserved sections of society with particular focus on building the capacity of the youth and women empowerment enabling them getting employment and other economic opportunities.

2: Governance & Political Transformation

BrainTec has experience in a variety of conceptual approaches to understanding and best applying transformation processes, including socio-technical transitions, social-ecological systems, sustainability pathways, and transformative adaptions.

We offer services that cover:

Civil Society Development

Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery

Institutional Change and Transformation

Strengthening Institutions of Governance

Conflict transformation and peacebuilding

Capacity Building

3: Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

  • BrainTec provides evaluation services to public, private, not-for-profit, IGOs, DFIs and International Organizations. Our services are conducted in house and through our consulting teams who bring a wealth of experience, local knowledge, and technical expertise.
  • We provide third-party monitoring and evaluation support to programmes and projects aimed at supporting governance and public administration, peacebuilding, gender equality, human rights, education, and socio-economic development activities operating in conflict and non-conflict settings to learn from past and current projects.

4: Research and Assessments

We provide innovative assessments anchored on our expertise in data gathering and analysis supporting projects around institutional development, peacebuilding, and socio-economic development activities in the region. We offer extensive experience providing primary research and needs assessment studies to help inform contextual understanding and donor programming.

BrainTec has expertise in the conducting of the following types of assessments:

5: Strategic Communications

BrainTec delivers a full range of communication services and products to help our partners achieve their objectives and showcase the real impact of their work. We aid our clients in using data-driven, audience-centered approaches to engage diverse communities in setting their own goals. To best reach our target audiences, we invest in formative research, social media analysis, target audience selection, and product testing, and engage online and broadcast distribution networks. Our work in this area also supports Governments in countering disinformation and malign influence by bad actors and near peer competitors.

Under this service we provide:

6: HACT Assessments

The Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfer (HACT) dictates policies and procedures for capacity assessment, cash transfer modality, audit, assurance and monitoring. The HACT Framework of 2014 provides for a common operational framework for transferring cash to government and non-governmental Implementing Partners (IP). BrainTec Consulting supports UN Organizations (United Nations Development Group Executive Committee agencies such as FAO, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP and UNW) and Implementing Partners (Ips) adopt and align to the HACT framework by Providing:

Capacity Assessment:

This involves conducting a review of IPs’ technical, managerial, administrative, and financial capacities. Reassessments are done throughout the life of the project/program on an annual basis. The HACT micro- and macro-assessments form the basis for the selection of the cash transfer modality used for each IP or RP and determine the level of assurance activities needed.


This is carried out to assess the public financial management (PFM) environment. The HACT Framework extends beyond the financial environment, encompassing elements such as national procurement capacity, exchange rate volatility, and the presence of informal/black markets.


The HACT Framework requires at least one scheduled audit during the program cycle or per year, depending on the overall risk rating of the Implementing Partner (IP) or Responsible Party (RP). Audits are conducted to determine whether funds are used for intended purposes and in accordance with the work plan.


This is carried out to assess the organizational capacity in the areas of finance, procurement, human resources, program/project design, management, and internal controls of potential Implementing Partners/Responsible Parties (IP/RP) involved in the implementation of UN programs. The aim is to determine the overall risk rating and identify assurance activities in line with the HACT framework.

Spot Checks:

Spot checks are performed to assess the accuracy of financial records for cash transfers to IPs, the status of the program, and whether there have been any significant changes to applicable internal controls.

Capacity development:

A critical component of the HACT is Capacity Development, which is key to the Framework’s vision to manage risk. Throughout the program’s cycle, there is a need to ensure that Implementing Partner (IP) or Responsible Party (RP) awareness of the HACT framework is sustained through the development of customized plans and recommendations for capacity development in both the short and long term.

7: Environmental, Health & Safety Consulting

BrainTec consulting is equipped to help Organizations on EHS and Sustainability strategy, program implementation & reporting, Regulatory landscape and Best Practises. Clients benefit from BrainTec’s indepth knowledge in this practice area, by learning the ever-changing EHS and Sustainability Frameworks and are able to strategies and align their organizational goals with its EHS and Sustainability practices valued by stakeholders. BrainTec’s EHS and Sustainability services include;

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

8: Climate Change Consulting Services

The cost of climate change to communities and countries can be reduced by measuring the effect of climate change, strategizing how to reduce the related risks, and coming up with modalities of adapting. BrainTec helps its clients to adapt to climate change, enabling resilience in markets and communities. We support Governments in assessing.

Climate risks and climate impact on social, economic, and natural factors


Local and national climate change adaptation plans based on existing frameworks and benchmarking those plans against international best practices

Advising on sustainable management of natural resources, including water resources, forests, and biodiversity, to enhance resilience to climate change

Assessing the resilience of existing infrastructure and Designing and implementing climate- resilient infrastructure projects

9: Capacity Building & Trainings

Capacity Building

Our Capacity Building service focuses on empowering individuals, teams, and organizations with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to perform at their best. Through targeted training and development initiatives, we enhance competencies, productivity, and overall performance.

Training Program Development

Our Training Program Development service involves creating customized training modules and courses. These programs are designed to enhance employee skills, foster professional growth, and support organizational success.

Training Needs Assessments

We conduct thorough Training Needs Assessments to identify skill gaps and learning requirements within your organization. By understanding specific training needs, we tailor our solutions to address those areas most critical to your success.

Leadership Development Programs

Our Leadership Development Programs aim to nurture and develop leadership skills among your organization’s key personnel. We provide targeted training and coaching to cultivate strong leadership qualities and promote effective decision-making.